Here I am

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This time is different. I’m changed. I think you have to visit all my web site to discover who is Manuel and what’s “Me”. Since I cannot pretend that you spend all your free time looking for my pages I briefly describe myself in this one.

Short story

My name is Manuel, a 29 years old boy from Italy. I studied at Politecnico in Turin and now I work at QiNet as a junior network engineer. I’m a geek and I like Internet, GNU/Linux (Debian flavor), Raspberry Pi, Macintosh, Wii, Star Trek, Zombies, to play online chess, tetris and a taste of everything about informatics. In the real world I like to pet Hermann's tortoises, to read book, Dylan Dog comics, play Magic The Gathering, backgammon, watch TV series, films (but not TV), be informed and learn new things. I have good friends, a black cat and a beautiful Indian girlfriend, Akhila. like to travel, all around the world. I hope I will have the chance to travel all my life, see new places, cultures, people... I’m enthusiast about life and I try to live responsibly towards our world, animals and other human being. In my spare time I have fun with my hobbies and I help Insieme per l’India ONLUS, an association that helps poor children and manage distance-adoption in India.