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99 Things

Fist at all, this idea isn’t mine. I saw this page. I think that’s beautiful because it isn’t simply a to-do list of things. It’s a way to compel yourself to try different things. It’s a way to make you active, play your life and don’t watch it from a seat. Also aftermaths are interesting, some of these things give you something new in your life. Do these things and not only know that you could do them, improve yourself.
This list is made of disparate things. Someone useful some other useless. Someone simple and fast at doing, some others need a lot of practice and preparation. There are things that I can do now, things that take five minutes to be done and things I don’t know I’ll be able to do. That’s an interesting bet on my life. The list doesn’t follows any order criteria.

  1. Visit all the New Seven Wonders of the World
  2. Fishing on ice
  3. Eat a Pizza in Naples
  4. Get on the Eiffel Tower
  5. Go in Antarctica
  6. Get on the highest building
  7. Cross a desert
  8. Travel across Coast-to-Coast and Route 66
  9. Play Curling on an iced lake
  10. Leave a message-in-a-bottle in the ocean
  11. Jump from a plane with parachute Green OK (see it)
  12. Drive a Ferrari
  13. Try zero-gravity fly experience
  14. Get a tattoo
  15. Go to a composition
  16. Send a telegram Green OK
  17. Learn ride the monocycle
  18. Race Ironman competition
  19. Sleep a night on a tree house
  20. Take part in a push go kart race
  21. Eat on a restaurant wagon
  22. Farm pop corn mais Green OK
  23. Play dice in Las Vegas
  24. Drink a Bloody Mary
  25. Spend a night at Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai
  26. Take a taxi in NY
  27. Dance a texan dance
  28. Attend to a total eclipse
  29. Play eighteen holes in golf
  30. Have surf
  31. Do a pilgrimage
  32. Make a call from satellite phone
  33. Learn (and do) a backflip
  34. Build a huge Hot Wheels home-circuit
  35. Spend a month in charity work for an ecologic association
  36. Farm my vegetable garden
  37. Visit NASA JFK Space Center
  38. Go to Kathmandu
  39. Read the Holy Bible
  40. Meet a cinema star
  41. Learn how to cook fish
  42. Do a travel alone Green OK (see it)
  43. Contribute to Wikipedia with some articles
  44. Understand theory of relativity
  45. Learn how to ride a horse
  46. See live a F1 race
  47. Travel on the top of a bus
  48. Do SUB immersion
  49. Hold an American Express Green OK
  50. Build my own ecologic house
  51. Attend to Holi (Festival of Color) in India
  52. Live one month in NY
  53. Live one month in San Francisco
  54. See Aurora Borealis
  55. Take the Trans-Siberian train
  56. Live one month as vegan vegetarian
  57. Drive around with an original dune buggy
  58. Raise a Husky dog
  59. Own a bar billiard
  60. Take pilot patent
  61. Build a tree house
  62. Build a bird house
  63. Bulid a Weather station
  64. Smoke a Havana cigar
  65. Own a aquarium with tropical fishes
  66. Live a day without use eyes, for understanding blindness
  67. Own a big trampoline
  68. Go on a hot-air balloon
  69. Travel in South-Korea
  70. Ride an elephant
  71. Attend to a party on a boat
  72. Go to theatre
  73. Buy a glass in Murano Green OK
  74. Travel in Congo
  75. Visit a Scottish Castle
  76. Drink vodka in Moscow
  77. Visit the pyramids
  78. Live a month in Alaska
  79. Visit a football stadium
  80. Visit a baseball stadium
  81. See a basket match
  82. Visit a factory of something
  83. Go on Statue of Liberty
  84. Go on Torre di Pisa
  85. Travel in Zimbabwe
  86. Visit Hollywood Studios
  87. Bet on a horse race
  88. Visit Auswitch concentration camp
  89. Protest in a public demonstration
  90. Follow a dance course
  91. Listen to music on AM radio in a car
  92. Get on an acrobatic plane
  93. Get on the biggest Roller coaster
  94. Meet a Statelessness
  95. Go across Africa
  96. Eat a typical English breakfast Green OK
  97. Watch Pluto in a Observatory
  98. Raise a Chartreux Cat
  99. Spend my one dollar old banknote

Section “Special Guest”
Here I collect other experience that I thought after the 99 things. These are optional, but promoted.
  • Learn how to weld
  • Visit Ester Island
  • Try Poweriser
  • Farm watermelon
  • Visit All About Apple museum
  • Try a water bed
  • Try a segway
  • Attend to Oktoberfest
  • See Oreste’s money collection
  • Meet (and possibly take a photo with) Barack Obama
  • Sleep in a capsule hotel in Japan
  • Meet Bud Spencer e Terence Hill
  • See live the Cirque du Soleil

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