I don’t like alcoholic drinks, but once in a while I like to taste some new cocktails. I’m more attracted by final behavior, preparation, colors of drinks or glasses and bottles shapes instead of alcoholic ingredients. Probably my favorite cocktail is the Appletini. I discovered it watching Scrubs, it was J.D. favorite drink. I surfed a lot across the web looking for the original recipe. Don’t waste your time, it doesn’t exist. There are many ways to prepare an Appletini. I’m writing the most common ones down here; take them as suggestions, they aren’t written in the stone.

Here you are the most common recipes of the Appletini that I found on the web.

Appletini Recipe #1 (my favorite)
  • 3/5 gin
  • 1/5 apple juice
  • 1/5 vermouth extra dry
Appletini Recipe #2
  • 3/5 vodka
  • 1/5 apple juice
  • 1/5 vermouth extra dry
Appletini Recipe #3 (softer variation)
  • 2/7 gin
  • 4/7 apple juice
  • 1/7 vermouth extra dry
In a cold mixing-glass, with a bar spoon, mix all the ingredients, then serve the Appletini into a Martini glass. Finally garnish the glass with a slice of apple. Appletini ingredients must be stirred not shaken.

There are many variations. Instead of apple juice you can use apple Schnapps or apple cider. Cointreau can take the place of the vermouth. Some people like to add sugar or a bit of lime. Feel free to write your suggestions in the comments.

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