Hello World!

This is my web site, a place where I write about me, my thinkings, my ideas, my dreams, my travels, my hobbies and sometimes about my experiences and my memories.
As you can read in the sideboard this is the third version of it. This time it is growing and changing with me. Over the years I have changed these pages many times, talking about my friends, my geekness or about funny things. Then I decided to remove all those pages because there are a lot of places on the internet for the fun and you can find all the geekery as well. And for the friendship, I have realized that the best thing you can do about it is to live it, there is no need for web.
So what will you find here? Well, I try to publish relevant things. 100% original ideas and thoughts, my approach to the world and life. You aren’t going to find AIDS cure on my site, but I hope you can read something that will make you meditate - or simply smile - about life: how beautiful it is, the fact that you are living your life now - not yesterday and not tomorrow -, a different way to see things or simply a good idea about how to spend some free time (have a look at the 99 things). Often I like to express my opinion about common facts because I like the idea that another way to see over the common one is possible. Have fun!