Yes, finally you’ve found it!

If you’ve come to this page looking for “[name of the software] download” your searches are over because you are in the right place!
I know how much is frustrating when you are looking for that old software you once had on your old computer and now you can’t find it again; all links you try are broken, a lot of webpages seem to be “the right one” and after some impatient click you realize that the download is missing or it is the usual crappy software downloder.
Well, as I said before, all of this is now over because in this page I’m maintaing the file you are looking for, ready for the download. No registrations, no banners, no software downloader, no money required. Just click your favorite software and wait till the download ends.

Please remember that all software you can download from here is abandonware: support or warranty of any kind are not provided from the developer or me. I also assume you know what you are going to download so I don't waste time explaining in details all software functions. Software is provided "as it is": I won't be responsible of any consequence can happen to you or your devices using one of these programs.

Microsoft GIF Animator: Download | More Informations
Computer software program for Microsoft Windows to create simple animated GIF files based

GPEGA Grand Prix Circuit by Accolade: Download | More informations
Motor racing computer game, released in 1987. It works fine on my Mac with Boxer, probably it runs as well on Windows or Linux with DOSBox or ScummVM.

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